Sunshine's Green Inferno has Broccoli, Cabbage, Mustard, Wasabi, and Spicy Oriental. It has a terrific cabbage and broccoli flavor with an intense hot mustard wasabi flavor. This type is packed with greens that taste great and is great for your health.


This type takes 10 days to grow, all orders are grown to order.


Microgreens are a superfood, it has 4 to 40 times more nutrients than the full grown plant and they are delicious.

Sunshine's Green Inferno

  • $5.00 for delivery.  Orders over $20.01 there is a discounted delivery fee of $2.50. All subscriptions are charged $2.50 for each week delivered.

    All orders are grown to order; most take 10 days to grow. Deliveries are done every Wednesday and Saturday. We will be delivering in the cities of Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Black Forest and parts of Fountain, Falcon, Payton, and Monument. Deliveries vary when orders are placed with planting times.