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Why I love what I do.

What inspired me to start this business was the love of growing my own food. Two years ago, I wanted to start growing my own food. The last time I tried to grow vegetables was for a middle school science project. My goal was to see if I could add food dye to water to change the color of a plant or its fruit (I was trying to grow peas). I never found out… the crows got to them first! After that experience, I wasn't very motivated to try again. When I had decided to start growing my own food, I had no idea what I was doing. So I did what most people do when wanting to learn something new - I jumped on YouTube and did some surfing for all the garden videos I could find, stumbled upon microgreens, and I fell in love! After that, I started trying to find all the information I could about growing microgreens. I went to my local garden center to pick up some starter soil, seeds, and grow trays, then I went online to find grow lights and microgreen seeds. Once I got all of my supplies, I started planting. I really fell hard in love with gardening. It was very therapeutic for me which I needed in my life at that time. I had learned in the beginning of 2019 that I would be laid off and jobless by mid April. The bank I was working for was closing locations and if I wanted to keep my job I would have to reapply. I had been working in that industry for more than 10 years and was ready for a change. I wanted to start my own business and all the microgreen videos gave me an idea - why not start a microgreens business? From what I saw on YouTube, most microgreen farmers sold their product already cut. I chose to sell mine live; meaning that the customer will harvest their own greens from the grow medium. It was more challenging selling this way, but I wanted my customers to have the most nutrient dense superfood and what better way of doing that then to offer a live product. I had already begun growing microgreens for myself and my husband. We love eating them and I love growing them, so why not share the Microgreen love? When I first started, I only offered 5 different types of microgreens and now I grow over 30 different types of microgreens and I’m currently working on adding a few more this year (2021).

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