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How To Care For Live Microgreens

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

If you have purchased our microgreens from the Farmer's Market, Store, or Virtual Farmer's Market, they will be packaged in a plastic vented box to protect your product. Once you get them home, I recommend removing the top cover and placing your Microgreens in a baking tray, large plate, or a large garden starting tray. Keep the grow medium damp, water about every other day, but check daily.

How to harvest when you are ready to eat your microgreens?

It's very easy - all you have to do is get sharp, clean scissors and cut above the grow medium. Lightly brush off any seed husks (especially from beets, sunflower, borage, and buckwheat. Leek seed husks are ok to eat) rinse if you choose, and enjoy on your favorite meal!

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