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We wanted different. We wanted better. We wanted to be in control of what we consumed. Just a few of the reasons we choose to make the switch from everyday consumer, to everyday farmer & rancher.

It started simple with a garden, the garden grew into a greenhouse. The greenhouse produced so much we decided to compost. The composting was work and we learned chickens can help with that, so we got a few, then chicken math happened and we had 100. Chicken eggs were great, but what about ducks? And turkeys? (Wait, what? Turkeys lay eggs you can eat? Yes, yes they do and they are delicious!) How about we buy a cow or 2? Ok, lets get more for friends. Next came the pigs… and then more pigs.

A lot has happened before, in between and after this all, but to simply tell the whole story would take to long so here is the gist. We wanted clean, fresh, local food that was raised naturally, never given antibiotics, hormones or vaccines. The way I found easiest to achieve this was to raise my own food!!

Our pork and poultry is raised 100% naturally along The Palmer Divide in Northern Black Forest, Colorado. The poultry is free to wander the pasture or hang out in the shade of the pine trees. The pigs run, play, eat and sleep where they please. This encourages our animals to live their best lives naturally promoting a healthy and optimal lifestyle and for the acclimation to their given surroundings.

All of the animals at the ranch are under the watchful eyes of our 2 Livestock Guardian Dogs. From the itty bitty baby chicks to our large KuneKune boar, the dogs love taking care of their charge.


Provides homegrown gourmet mushrooms. Mushrooms contain many valuable nutrients including protein, vitamin B, C, & D, folic acid, iron, fiber, selenium, glutathione, and ergothioneine. They are a healthy and tasty dietary source for essential antioxidants. These powerful antioxidants are said to play a crucial role in helping your body in a number of ways.

They are said to help in:

-Fighting Oxidative Stress

-Decreasing Inflammation

-Protection against diseases
-Improvement of overall mental and physical health

They offer Blue Oyster Mushrooms, King Trumpets, and Lion’s Mane. For those who enjoy growing their own food, they provide grow kits for the Blue Oyster Mushrooms. Megan’s Mushroom is a small startup in Colorado. They grow all of their mushrooms in sterilized sawdust; all the air circulating in the grow space has been filtered by a HEPA filter. Everything is grown naturally with no pesticides or chemicals.

Mushrooms go great with microgreens!

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