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How To Care For My Microgreens?

All of the Microgreens are grown in coconut coir and only require watering every other day or only when grow medium is dry. Others like peas, sunflower, and cantaloupe require daily watering. 

You can keep them in their containers, just leave the lid open to reduce condensation and water when needed. If the lid is closed, the condensation can cause the greens to wilt and die. Keep in a cool room (below 75 F) with plenty of air flow or in the refrigerator (away from the fan). They can last for 7 to 10 days (If they last that long nom nom nom lol) with proper care. Don't forget to water!

Microgreens love to be in an environment around 75 F. If cared for properly, they may last more than 10 days.

How Do I Store Cut Microgreens?

Get an airtight container and place a paper towel on the bottom. Cut the reminder of the microgreens and place them in the container with another paper towel on top. Keep the cut greens in the fridge or you can take them with you. Just place in a cooler with an ice pack. Cut Microgreens need to be refrigerated.

How Do I Add Microgreens To My Meals?

I put Microgreens on everything! The most popular is to add them on eggs, salads, sandwiches, wraps, avocado toast, pizza, tacos, hamburgers, and smoothes. Most of the time I'll add a Microgreen side salad to my dishes. Don't cook them!

When Will I Receive My Order?

It depends on when you order; all orders are grown to order. After ordering, you will receive an email when your order will be ready.

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